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    Termite Inspection


    Termites cause over $5 billion dollars worth of damage EVERY YEAR in the US alone - damage NOT covered by most home owners insurance.

    What to expect from a termite inspection:

    1. Termite Inspector thoroughly inspects your entire home from baseboards and basements to attics and crawl spaces.

    2. After your inspection, if termites are discovered, the inspector will offer solutions to help rid your home of termites.

    3. If no termites have been discovered during the inspection you can be signed up for our termite control service.


    Termite Treatment Options:

    Termite Fumigation

    Whole home fumigation guarantees your home will be termite free.

    Termite Local Treatments

    For minimal termite activity a local treatment might be the best solution.

    Termite Wood Repair

    Termite damage can be repaired. Quality repair work to restore you home and rid it of termite damage.

    Gopher Patrol serves all of Temecula, and can offer the best plan to get rid of termites. Schedule a free inspection to see if your home is free of termites.

    Termite Control Service:

    If we find after your free inspection that your home is termite free we can offer a Termite Control Service. With our Termite Control Service, you can feel safe in knowing you are protected year round from termites.

    Termites are a major nuisance. Southern California experiences more termites than any other state in the U.S. From Subterranean termites to Drywood termites, Gopher Patrol has the solution to rid your home of these pests.

    Types of Termites in Temecula:

    Subterranean Termites – Subterranean termites come from underground. Local treatments can stop termites in their tracks.

    Drywood Termites – Fumigation or local treatments can get rid of termites buried deep in your walls.

    Swarmers – Swarmer termites travel from house to house in search of a new home. Fumigation or local treatments can stop them from ruining your home.

    Gopher Patrol is now offering free termite inspections. Call to schedule your free inspection today.

    Selling or buying a new home? Gopher Patrol offers Escrow Inspections at a nominal fee. Call our office to schedule your escrow inspection.


    For termite control, fumigation, treatment, and wood repair

    Call today for a free inspection! 1-800-279-4595