Welcome to the Gopher Patrol blog! We are thrilled to launch our blog which we will use to post entertaining yet informative information about our gopher control services. We will also post regularly with helpful pest and rodent control tips, so that you may keep your home and/or business free and clear of pesky insect and rodent infestations. At Gopher Patrol, we pride ourselves in providing San Diego and all of Southern California with the best, most effective methods for gopher removal, pest control, rodent eradication, and more. All of our pest control services are backed by unmatched customer service as we highly value our clients’ 100 percent satisfaction. In today’s blog, we would like to look at some of the benefits of hiring San Diego’s Top Rated Local® gopher removal team to get rid of your gopher problem. Please continue reading below.

Your Health & Safety Come First!

While these little yard creatures may seem cute, cuddly, and harmless, gophers, rodents, and pests post a number of health and safety risks to you, your family, and your visitors. Pests and rodents may carry a number of diseases like the hantavirus, leptospirosis, and even the plague, which may cause a number of symptoms. What is more, rodents and pests leave droppings and urine all over the yard, in the house, and in the attic and crawlspaces that they inhabit. This is especially dangerous for children who are curious beings who spend a lot of time playing in the yard. The last thing any parent wants is for their child to come into contact with gopher or rodent droppings, or worse, the rodent itself! To avoid these health and safety risks, our gopher control team will make your yard safe again with our effective gopher removal methods and preventative services.   

Cost-Effective Gopher Removal Method

We want the residents in and around San Diego to enjoy the peace of mind the comes with having a gopher-free yard. Therefore, our team uses only the most effective gopher control methods at an affordable rate to remove these and other rodents and pests from your home or business. Because gophers are stubborn which may require a few visits to eradicate them from your property, we also offer affordable monthly service plans to prevent this little buggers from staying in your yard. While ordering DIY gopher control systems online or buying them at the local hardware store may seem like the most cost-effective method, taking this route may end up costing you more in the long run.

Professionals Use Safe, Effective Products

As your gopher removal experts, we use only the best, most effective methods for eradicating your gopher problem. What’s more, our team of technicians has received the necessary training it takes to understand how gopher products and methods work. From our baiting method to gopher trapping, to using our eco-friendly, poison-free carbon monoxide method, we are dedicated to getting rid of your gopher problem in the safest possible way.

Gopher Control Services Backed By Training & Experience

While anyone can try their hand at gopher removal, relying on an expert exterminator with the proper training and experience is the best way to handle a gopher problem. For us, we have spent more than a decade perfecting our craft while keeping up with new products and implementing the best gopher removal solutions into our approach. What is more, our expert technicians stay up-to-date on their training and state and local exterminator certifications, which gives our clients peace of mind in knowing they’re getting the best gopher control service from professionals. Yes, there are many videos online that offer guidance for DIY gopher eradication, yet these videos don’t provide you with years and decades worth of experience in the field.  

Saves You Time

While you can try your hand at gopher removal, trust us, it is an activity that takes time, money, and patience. There are probably many other things you would rather spend your time doing than chasing and eradicating gophers. Time is money and if you have to take time off from work to try and rid your property of gophers, you will be losing money. For business owners who already have many daily and weekly tasks on their plate, trying to remove gophers and rodents from a property takes away from the time it takes to run a business.

Experts Reduce Further Damage

If you have ever seen the movie “Caddyshack,” you can see just how destructive gophers can be to a yard or property. Our experts know how to get rid of these critters without causing more damage to a yard, whereas someone with less experience removing gophers may cause further damage to the landscaping. Your best bet is to leave the gopher removal to the experts who have specific kinds of equipment, products, and years of experience to help them get the job done right with as little additional damage as possible.

There are so many benefits to be gained from hiring a professional exterminator to eradicate gophers from your yard. If you have a gopher problem on your San Diego property, call in Gopher Patrol, Southern California’s Top Rated Local® gopher control experts. We will come out to your property and inspect the landscape for gophers to determine our plan of attack. Call us today or request an appointment online for gopher removal or pest control services. We are here to help you!

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