Mosquitos are one of the most annoying pests here in sunny San Diego. Along with the itchy bites they leave behind, they are also incredibly dangerous because they transfer a number of viruses including West Nile and Zika. When you have a mosquito infestation, your risk for contracting one of these mosquito-borne viruses increases significantly. However, there are many natural repellents that can help keep the skeeters away. Along with scheduling regular mosquito prevention services with Gopher Patrol, planting mosquito-repelling plants in your yard and placing them around the interior of your house is one way to safeguard your home, loved ones, and pets from these pests. If you have a mosquito problem, call Gopher Patrol for Top Rated Local® mosquito control. In addition to our mosquito control services, here are three common plants that bug mosquitoes.

Four Plants To Repel Mosquitoes   


Marigolds are a beautiful, radiant annual flower that can deter mosquitoes. Marigolds grow easily and thrive without a whole lot of extra care. Plant these flowers in flower beds near your front and back porch and around outdoor seating areas. Planting them in several flower pots and placing them near entryways and windows is an effective way to keep mosquitoes from entering your home. If you have water features, marigolds are an optimal choice for deterring mosquitoes from breeding and laying their eggs in the water features around your home. Plus, you can plant marigolds in your vegetable garden without worry that they will harm your veggies. In fact, marigolds can actually protect gardens from veggie-loving species of aphids, flies, beetles, and worms.    


Lemongrass is not only a lovely decorative landscaping feature, it also repels mosquitoes. Lemongrass contains citronella, one of the most commonly used insect and mosquito repellents. While this tall grass is ideal for planting around your yard, you can plant it in pots to place around the interior of your home as a mosquito repellent. Lemongrass emits a stronger aroma than that of citronella-based products, which is why it is much more effective. What’s more, lemongrass is an ideal plant for homes and yards in San Diego because it tolerates drought and heat.




Rosemary is more than just an herb that makes your food taste delicious; it effectively repels mosquitoes. This tough herb thrives in sunny, hot, dry climates. Rosemary doesn’t require much maintenance and it makes a great addition to any garden. It’s spicy, woody scent keeps mosquitoes away while emitting a pleasant, relaxing scent for you while you’re enjoying the outdoors.


Lavender is one of the most beneficial plants around because of the essential oils found in its leaves. Lavender is a tough and sturdy plant that thrives in the hot, dry California climates, making it an ideal plant for your San Diego home. While we humans love the delicate scent of lavender, mosquitoes — and most other insects — can’t stand it. Plant lavender in your garden, flower beds, and planters that you can place around your home’s entryways. Dried lavender is also highly effective for deterring mosquitoes, moths, and other winged bugs. Keep in mind that bees love lavender, so if you’re allergic to bees, you might choose another repelling plant.

Call For Mosquito Control In San Diego

These are the top four mosquitoes repelling plants that can keep them away from your San Diego home. Join us next time as we look at three more plants that bug mosquitoes.

When you want to protect your loved ones, pets, and home from a mosquito infestation, call Gopher Patrol. From mosquito management and prevention to seasonal mosquito maintenance and mosquito control, the Gopher Patrol team to keep the mosquitoes away.