Welcome back to the Gopher Patrol blog! Last time, we looked at ways to mice-proof your home to avoid mice infestation from the get-go, but what if you already have a mice infestation in your San Diego home? While there are some DIY solutions to getting rid of house mice, many homeowners choose ineffective methods for removing these critters. If you have mice in your home, here are four of the most common mistakes to avoid when fighting a mice infestation.

Not Closing Off Entryways

In order to effectively remove mice from your home, you’ll first want to determine where they’re entering your house so you can seal off these entries. Unfortunately, many people forget this crucial step and, instead, assume that placing traps throughout the home will get the job done. Eliminating access points to your home will keep mice out and deter future infestations from occurring. Once you have identified the points of entry, seal them off with physical barriers like lath metal, metal sheeting, or steel wool, or use caulk or cement to fill in access points. Remember, mice can fit through holes the size of dimes, so don’t forget to seal the smaller entryways.

Using Poison Bait

Poison bait is often a go-to for homeowners trying to eliminate their mouse problem. Not only is this method ineffective, but it is also hazardous to you, your family, and your pets. Poison bait is a short-term solution that may only kill some of the mice in your home, but not all of them. Additionally, poisoning them may cause more trouble than good. Mice often consume some of the poison, and then make it back inside the walls of your home, or back to their den where they die. When this happens, homeowners are left to find the corpse and safely dispose of it.

Using Glue Traps

Glue traps are another ineffective method for getting rid of mice. They are attractive options because they’re marketed as being more humane, and can be placed anywhere in the home. The trouble is, mice often drag them around until they break free from them, rendering them useless.

Call the Pros

Rather than wasting your time and hard-earned money on ineffective and unreliable DIY solutions to your mice problem, call San Diego’s reliable rodent removal company. The Gopher Patrol team has decades of experience safely and effectively eliminating mice and other rodents from San Diego homes for good. Call our friendly staff to schedule a mice inspection and our team will get rid of your mice problem once and for all!