At Gopher Patrol, we offer a full range of services to eliminate your gopher problems. We have several different methods that we can use to treat your residential or commercial property, regardless of whether you have a single gopher damaging your property, or an entire population of gophers creating a complex underground tunnel system. When you have a gopher problem, you want to call a team you can trust, who has the experience, dedication, equipment, and materials to get rid of these destructive burrowing rodents. Explore our gopher control services below, which we proudly offer to our friends and neighbors all throughout Southern California.

Gopher Control Services in Riverside and Beyond

We understand that every gopher problem is different, which is why we offer gopher control solutions that we tailor to your specific needs. While some properties may have one pesky gopher tearing up their vegetable garden, others may have a much bigger problem consisting of multiple tunnel systems. Our technicians offer thorough inspections to find the best solutions to your gopher problem.

Our Gopher Control Services

Baiting Method

Our initial baiting gopher control service will generally consist of two visits approximately one to two weeks apart with free follow-ups for an additional 30 days if needed.* For gopher baiting, we use a variety of baits, milos, and grains. For over a decade we have tested every treatment method available, and have determined our preferred bait of choice is a grain injected directly into the tunnel system of the gopher. We spare no expense when it comes to the gopher bait we purchase, ensuring we have the most effective materials available. At Gopher Patrol, we don’t use the cheap stuff!

Trapping Method

The trapping method generally consists of three visits approximately one to two weeks apart. We set traps in the gopher’s tunnel system, similar to setting a rat trap. Trapping also comes with free follow-ups for an additional 30 days if needed.* Trapping for gophers offers a different approach than our other methods and can sometimes be more efficient. Experience in gopher control is critical when the trapping method is used. One of the best aspects of gopher trapping is that it offers an eco-friendly option just like our eco-friendly pest control services.

Carbon Monoxide Method

This pet-friendly, poison-free, alternative gopher removal method gives us another tool in combating your gopher infestation. With our carbon monoxide (CO) treatment, heated smoke is released into the gopher’s tunnel system. The smoke travels throughout the tunnel system, exterminating the gophers underground. No baits, poisons, or traps are needed with this treatment option. For more information about this treatment please call us at 1-888-466-4674. We offer a variety of tested and proven methods to remove gophers from your yard with baiting and trapping options available. Our gopher control service generally consists of two visits and free follow-ups for an additional 30 days if needed.*Gophers are best known for their ability to destroy your lawns and gardens, as a gophers diet consists of mainly underground roots. In the more than 17 years we have handled gopher removal in Southern California, we have perfected the gopher eradication method. We have found that a targeted attack with baits and traps is the most effective way of eliminating gophers on your residential or commercial property. In some cases, our exterminator can use a gassing treatment.

Monthly Service Plans Available

Most of our customers take advantage of our monthly service plan. Our monthly gopher control services will ensure on-going gopher control. If you would like more information on gopher removal, call us or reach out to us online to get started today with the experts in gopher and rodent control.Gopher Patrol’s technicians are always being trained in gopher abatement, which means our technicians are at the forefront in gopher control abatement methods and treatments. Gopher Patrol also believes strongly in quality control and our quality control team verifies that our technicians are always performing to the standards of Gopher Patrol.

Common Signs You Have a Gopher Problem

As one of the most invasive species us humans have to contend with here in Southern California, gophers can cause a significant amount of damage to yards, gardens, parks, golf courses, commercial properties, and more. This can be frustrating because gophers primarily live underground, which means that damage that they cause may take a while to show on the surface, and the problems they cause may be more difficult to fix than that of other pests.

Gopher Mounds

If given the opportunity, gophers are masters at ruining the lawn you worked so hard on. The entrances to their burrows will make unsightly dimples in your yard, and there may be a lot of them. Considering how expansive even a single gopher’s tunnel can be — hundreds of feet, between the main tunnel and any offshoots — this means that they could potentially disrupt your lawn on a scale that would be downright impressive if it weren’t so irritating.

Gopher mounds are generally flat, not rounded little hills like mole tunnels are, so they can be tricky to spot. How do you know if what you’re looking at is a gopher mound, or just a patch of dirt? Filled-in gopher holes look a lot like a regular dirt patch at first glance, but if you look closely, you may be able to see where the hole once was. Gophers tend to fill their holes when they’ve served their purpose, and leave whats called a “plug” behind. If you can see a slight indentation or protrusion in the dirt patch you’re examining, it may be the site where a gopher tunneled aboveground.

If you’re afraid you have a gopher problem but can’t tell if the dirt pile in the back is a gopher mound or not, call the professionals. If it is a gopher, we can work with you to get a plan established to take care of your problem then and there!

Chewed Underground Pipes & Wires

Because gophers burrow, they can cause problems with preexisting underground equipment such as power cables, internet lines, sprinkler systems, irrigation pipes, and more. If they do happen to hit a main water line, substantial soil erosion can occur in the time it takes for that pipe to be repaired. If they hit a power line or internet cable, it will likely warrant a costly, inconvenient repair bill.

If you notice that the pipes and cables running belowground are having substantially more problems than normal, a check for pests interfering with these systems is a great idea. The sheaths of dirt that house these pipes and cables give gophers easy access, which can spell disaster if they’re allowed free reign.


Some gopher tunnels can be as shallow as 6-12 inches underground, which can have a severe impact on the stability and integrity of your lawn if they’re packed in close enough together. Step in the wrong place, and this can seriously injure anyone the ground collapses on, forming a nasty little pit that can bruise or break legs. In extreme cases, giant sinkholes can occur, and have been known to be downright deadly. For obvious reasons, this makes it imperative to fill gopher holes as soon as possible.

If bare dirt patches begin appearing clustered together in a certain part of your yard, make sure to cordon it off until you can have it professionally inspected for pests and make sure the tunnels are filled back in to retain the integrity of the ground.

Stripped Vegetation

If you notice vegetation disappearing into thin air, the lower parts of trees being stripped of bark, or formerly-healthy trees and shrubs starting to show signs of distress, you may have a gopher problem. Gophers can often make their presence known before their holes start appearing by dragging vegetation down into their tunnels by the roots, or gnawing at the roots of trees and various shrubberies.

While none of these signs point to gophers beyond a reasonable doubt—holes in the yard could mean the neighbor got an unruly pup, burst pipes could just be burst pipes, and so on—seeing more than one of these sorts of problems beginning to appear around the same time means getting us in to check things out could save you a lot of money down the road.

Schedule a Gopher Inspection

If you think (or know) you have a gopher problem at your home or business, we have customizable solutions to make your property safer, healthier, and free of these invasive critters. We are Southern California’s Top Rated Local® gopher exterminator that has the experience, proven methods, equipment, and dedication it takes to get rid of these rodents once and for all. To schedule an appointment with our highly skilled technicians, you can call us at 1-888-466-4674, or fill out our online form. We are truly experts at gopher and rodent abatement, and we want to help you get your yard back. Don’t call “the bug guy” or “the termite man.” Rather, call your local gopher control experts at Gopher Patrol. We proudly service all of Southern California, including San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County, and beyond.

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