We have been serving Southern California for over 15 years and have tested many gopher removal methods throughout the years. Our gopher control technicians are constantly being trained in the most effective ways of removing gophers from your property. After years of perfecting our method of gopher eradication, we feel confident that you will not be disappointed in our proven method. We stand by all our work with a 30day guarantee!

Home remedies for gopher control

Throughout the years we have heard and seen all the different types of home remedies for gopher control. Some methods include bubble gum in the gopher hole, vegetable oil on your lawn, sticking the water hose into the gopher tunnel, and using a good ol’ fashioned gopher snake. While some of these methods may work in unique instances, they never resolve or eradicate the problem. You may only get to one tunnel system or get to one gopher. Yes, you heard us right—you can definitely have more than one gopher and more than one tunnel system in your lawn. Gophers can very quickly create elaborate tunnel systems in an extremely short period of time.


Store Bought Methods for gopher removal

New gopher control methods are being designed all the time. Some of them include hoses to attach to your car tailpipe, smoke bombs, gopher bait blocks, flares, and gopher traps. Some of these methods can prove mildly effective in certain situations but may require a lot of your time and money. These methods can also lead to moments in your day that make you feel like you’re starring in your own Caddyshack movie! Frustration soon sets in after hours of valuable time suddenly seem to be wasted when you wake up the next day only to find more gopher mounds in your lawn. This is usually the time when we get the call!


Gopher Patrol Methods for gopher removal

Gopher Patrol prides itself on getting that pesky gopher. Our methods are designed to eradicate every gopher on your property. And because you cannot keep gophers out of your property forever, our method is designed to attack them as soon as they appear and get to them before they can cause damage to your property and landscaping. Our monthly gopher removal service will continue protecting your property from these nasty varmints!

The best part about our monthly gopher protection program is that the is no limit to the number of visits we can provide! We will stay on the job until you are satisfied that we have taken care of your gopher problem. Don’t call “the bug guy” or “the termite man;” call Gopher Patrol, Southern California’s Top Rated Local® gopher control experts. Call us today at 1-888-466-4674 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment and get rid of that gopher!


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