Stopping a gopher from tunneling into your property from the surrounding environment is impossible to guarantee. All of our initial services come with 30 days of free follow-ups after the initial service is completed. Our monthly service plans also come with free follow-ups at no additional cost.

Gophers are a nuisance, and stopping them from entering your property requires ongoing maintenance. Don’t be fooled by promises of no gophers on your property for 30, 40, 50 or 60 days; we’re here to tell you the truth about warranties and how gophers work.

Gophers are territorial by nature. Only during their breeding cycles or when pups are born will you find more than one gopher in a tunnel system at a time. Below is a diagram of how a gopher tunnel works.

As you can see, gophers have nesting areas, food storage areas, and even drainage tunnels.

We inject the bait or set the traps directly into their underground system and get rid of the gopher that currently lives there.

Here’s where the promise of a gopher free problem arises. Gophers from your surrounding environment will dig brand new tunnels into your property. Those new tunnels coming into your property obviously cannot be prevented. Once a gopher enters your property he may or may not find this underground system. If he does he has no problem taking over where the last gopher left off, including raiding his food storage area. If the gopher does not find an old system he will make a new one.

Does this mean all is lost? No! Gopher Patrols technicians have years of experience with gopher control and can offer maintenance to keep gopher activity to a minimum. We won’t make empty promises of a gopherfree lawn, but we will promise to get out to your property as soon as you give us a call.

Contact our team of pest control experts for reliable gopher removal and pest control services.