Here at Gopher Patrol, home of the Rat Squad, we have perfected the art of safe, effective, and quality rat control. Our experienced rat control technicians will thoroughly inspect your entire home including the attic, crawl space, and any other areas where rat activity is found. Unlike most companies, we offer rat exclusion, which means we will seal any openings found to stop the problem for good. Most companies only offer trapping services. The trapping only method will not solve the problem if rats are allowed to continue to migrate into your home from the outside. Don’t throw your money away month after month with never-ending trapping for rats. Put an end to your rat problem in your attic and home for good. All of our rodent exclusion work comes with a six-month warranty, because we stand behind our work!


Rats and mice have evolved into great escape artists. Their bodies have the ability to squeeze through openings the size of a quarter or smaller! If they can fit their head into an opening, the rest of the body will fit, too. This ability of theirs presents a challenge for pest control companies, which is why most don’t attempt to take on exclusion work. Only skilled and experienced pest exterminators can effectively locate and seal openings. Rats also have developed long and sharp teeth that grow for as long as they live, which is why they must always chew and gnaw to keep their teeth at a manageable size. Unfortunately for homeowners, that means they have the ability to chew through wood and other materials to get into a home or attic. If exclusion work is not done properly and the holes are not sealed correctly, rats can easily make their way back into the home. This is why calling on professional and experienced rat control experts is the safest bet for you. Our pest control technicians have the know-how and tools available to make your home ratfree.

Tired of paying month after month for a rat problem that won’t go away? Call us today to schedule a rodent inspection. Call Gopher Patrol at 1-888-466-4674 or fill out our online form for an appointment and we will contact you shortly.