He is dedicated to it and takes his job seriously

Michael has been with us for many years now since we’ve had a gopher problem in our new complex as well as field mice. When he first starting servicing us; he was rather shy. After years of dealing with him; he has come out of his shell. He is a terrific individual dedicated to his job. He always tells me what he has discovered in our yard and where the problem areas are. Our problem is. None of the neighbors take care of their property or hire anyone to. This has caused concerns on a major level since it affects the entire street. As for Michael. I couldn’t ask for anyone more informed or knowledgeable about his business. He is dedicated to it and takes his job seriously. He comes once a month. And; when we receive a stand in. I haven’t been very happy as they never provide me with the information that Michael does. This company is lucky to have such an employee. If I lose him. I may have to find another pest control service.

Sande M.