NO PRESSURE! The price was right too.

I just spent a small fortune to have my front yard landscaped. Then THEY came. I tried all the humane remedies and then went to the smoke and poisons with no luck. Every other day or so, a new mound. Called several places who all seemed to only want to sell me a monthly contract. Gopher Patrol said, One visit with a follow up and the problem should be solved. If the gophers show up again in several months, give them a call. NO PRESSURE! The price was right too. Derek came out, super nice guy, did his thing and I’ve not seen signs of the little monsters since. I don’t have a 1/4 acre but I can see where it would take some doing to get rid of all the gophers in that size area. I feel for Gary F. My yard is about 3000 sq/ft. plus they did the small area the other side of the driveway. Oh yes, they gave me a time window for the technician to arrive and Derek showed up soon after the window opened. Both times. I hate waiting. Extra STARS for being prompt. I’m happy, Gophers, not so much.

Pete G.