1. As always great job, great guy

    We used Gopher Patrol 2 years ago to take care of gophers and insects. Michael does a great job and is one of the nicest guys. My husband has taken over the gopher problem, but we recently called Michael back for an insect spray. As always great job, great guy. Would recommend them to everybody!…Read More

    T J.
  2. Gopher Patrol has serviced my yard for rodents, snails and pesky bugs

    I have been meaning to write a review about the service I have received over the many years that Gopher Patrol has serviced my yard for rodents, snails and pesky bugs.  I have been more than satisfied with the care of my yard, only because John has taken care of it month after month, year after year!!  He services our neighborhood and has been with the company for several years and his expertise…Read More

    Kathy J.
  3. NO PRESSURE! The price was right too.

    I just spent a small fortune to have my front yard landscaped. Then THEY came. I tried all the humane remedies and then went to the smoke and poisons with no luck. Every other day or so, a new mound. Called several places who all seemed to only want to sell me a monthly contract. Gopher Patrol said, One visit with a follow up and the problem should be solved. If the gophers show up again in severa…Read More

    Pete G.
  4. We couldn’t be more happier with the quality of service Gopher Patrol provided

    I used this company back in November 2015 and was hesitant to do so since it can be a challenge finding a reliable company. I had major gopher issues in my front yard possibly only one gopher but nothing I used from attempting to gas them, poison them, or even the old Juicy Fruit gum trick would not work. I called Gopher Patrol and they sent someone out within the week to give an estimate. I belie…Read More

    Shane A.
  5. Awesome service.

    Awesome service. Same day. Happy with them. No more Gophers are around…Read More

    Patrick M.
  6. Highly recommended

    Gopher Patrol was terrific coming out to my house and stopping a very destructive gopher that others seemed not be able to control. Neighbors also called them and were very happy as well. Michael, our technician, is efficient, courteous and very informative. Highly recommended.…Read More

    David Z.
  7. Gophers beware

    I love this company!!! Since I started using them, my once riddled yard is free of varmints. Michael is a diligent and courteous fellow who puts care into his work. Can't imagine using anyone else! Gophers beware.…Read More

    Clayton T.
  8. Best customer service ever!!!!!!!!!

    I've been working with Gopher Patrol for the past few months.  Although the gophers have not been totally eradicated yet, Technician Mike has been awesome to work with.  He makes a point of calling me direct to discuss what he sees on the property while on site, and to go over possible solutions.  He also let's me know when he is headed to the property so I can get there in time.  Best custome…Read More

    Pilar M.
  9. He is dedicated to it and takes his job seriously

    Michael has been with us for many years now since we've had a gopher problem in our new complex as well as field mice. When he first starting servicing us; he was rather shy. After years of dealing with him; he has come out of his shell. He is a terrific individual dedicated to his job. He always tells me what he has discovered in our yard and where the problem areas are. Our problem is. None of t…Read More

    Sande M.
  10. These guys back up the work and never charged me any additional fee

    Gopher Patrol is the best! I have been using them for years but this year was tricky and active. Although they came out for the initial treatment and the activity continued they continued coming out and eventually set traps. All along I felt the treatment was not working but it probably did because I had an unusual amounts of gophers in my small yard. Who really knows how many succumbed to the bai…Read More

    R J.